About Us

Content for all Markets

Global Nomad Media Group (“GNMG”) is an independent finance and sales company that finances and sells quality content entertainment across multiple platforms to worldwide audiences. 

From Start to Finish

From preliminary consultations or the negotiation of pre-sale agreements during project development to production supervision and risk mitigation during principal photography, and concluding with the implementation of a global marketing and sales strategy that maximizes revenue generation after a film is complete.

Let's Collaborate

GNMG collaborates with today’s filmmakers and financiers to preserve the creative spirit essential to independent film-making, but also to maintain a balanced emphasis on risk-responsibility and value creation every step of the way.  

Our Executive Team

CEO: Georges K Onuivogui




Executive VP


SALES: Nicole Assef


 Working in Sales and Marketing for over 30 years, she is always excelling over the top in each organization to National levels consistently is what keeps Nicole at the top of her game.  Nicole advances your businesses growth from good to great at an exponential level. 

Head Counsel: Linda MacDonald


Thinker, community builder, Ethicist, educator, counselor-at-law, lecturer, writer and international consultant with emphasis in Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Emerging Technologies ; Clinical and Translational Research; Evolving Notions of Legal Personhood, Reproductive Issues, Genetics, Artificial Intelligence, Animal Rights issues. Sincerely enjoy the "cutting edge of law." Strong in research, lecture / presentation and litigation. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.  

VP of Operation


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